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Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are believe them.”  That is something that I wish I had known years and YEARS ago.  That one quote changed my life.

I can’t tell you how many times I allowed someone’s words to dictate my understanding of their character.  Don’t listen.  Watch.

Watch how they treat those less fortunate than you.  Watch how they treat their family.  Their friends.  The waiter/waitress.  The doorman.

You will learn all you need to know by watching and tuning out their verbal advertisements of themselves.  We, not others, are our biggest promoters.

I’ve allowed that quote to govern my life from that point on.  And because of it I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by beautiful, loving people.  They love me.  They encourage me and when necessary they convict…In Love.

I don’t have the time or patience to surround myself with fake, processed friends.  It’s draining and emotionally suffocating.  And I’m too old for that.

Life is precious.  Our time left here on earth is precious and we don’t have the luxury of diluting our purpose with watered down personalities.





As we walk, dance, sleep into 2014 let’s do so with excitement and joy.  This is another opportunity to shine.  Successful people plan.  Write down those things that you want to accomplish in 2014 and as you accomplish them check them off the list.  Put in the work.  And remember that the failures of 2013 are laid to rest in 2013.


1)   Be knowledgeable

2)   Be encouraged

3)   Be persistent

4)   Be honest

5)   Be grateful

6)   Be aware

7)   Be sold-out

8)   Be forgiving

9)   Be kind

10) Be intentional


Be knowledgeable

Understand what it is you want to do this New Year.  Do your research.  If you want to start a business, take a trip to the library and read up on it.  If you know someone who is already in the business, talk to him or her.  Most people will open up and talk to you if they know that you are truly interested.


Be encouraged

Surround yourself with good, honest, intelligent people.  If you are the smartest person in your circle, your circle is too small. – Bishop T.D. Jakes.  Make sure that the people you are friends with are positive, forward thinking and forward moving people.  Look around and join some clubs or groups.  There are tons of meeting places that will put you in the company of encouraging people.


Be persistent

Go for it!  Aggressively!  Whatever you want to do this year make sure you pursue it with dogged determination.  Don’t let go of your dream.  If someone tells you that you can’t do it prove him or her wrong.


Be honest

Yeah, be honest!


Be grateful

Someone didn’t make it into 2014!  Don’t squander your opportunity.  Know that you are standing on the shoulders of all that came before you.  Someone, somewhere paved the way for you to have this chance to make your dreams come true.


Be aware

Keep your eyes and your spirit open. Know when to stay and know when to leave.  Don’t try to force the door open when it closes.  Closed doors are blessings too.


Be sold-out

Be all the way in on your dream.  No half-steppin’.  You are not going to succeed if you are timid and blasé about your dream.  If you want to do it…Do It!  Don’t vacillate between maybes.


Be forgiving

You are going to make mistakes.  Everyone does no matter what.  When you do make a mistake acknowledge it, and keep it moving.  Forgive yourself and forgive others.  Don’t hold anything against anyone, but when “Someone shows you who they are believe them”.  – Maya Angelou.


Be kind

People respond better to honey than vinegar.  They’ll remember a smiling face and respond positively to you the next time you see them.  Remember it only takes a moment to smile, but that smile maybe the only one that person gets all day.


Be intentional

Everything that you do, every motion must advance your goal.  If you are not moving towards completing what you have set out to do in this New Year, you are wasting time.  You have 365 days to accomplish your goal.  Don’t waste a day.  Make sure you are accomplishing something towards that goal so that when December 31, 2014 rolls around (and it will faster than you realize) you can rest in knowing that you were successful.  You did it!


I’m excited to see what 2014 has in store for me.  I’m also excited to see what 2014 has in store for you.  New authors, singers, dancers, musicians, business owners, husbands, wives, students, bloggers, designers, chefs, teachers, athletes, actors…I know I missed a lot.  But I’m excited for you.


On your mark…


Get set…




Jesus Loves

Jesus loves the Sinner, but hates the sin.  He forgives the Sinner, but not the sin.  He said to the woman brought to him accused of adultery, “Go and sin no more.” 

So in other words:

Go and lie no more.
Go and fornicate no more.
Go and murder no more.
Go forth from this place where you have laid yourself bare at my feet and commit that sin no more.

As followers of CHRIST we turn our face from it.  We say it’s okay.  We say, “It’s your life.  Your rights and your business.”  And from a worldly stand point that is true.  But are we supposed to be in the world and living as the world?  Or, are we supposed to be light in darkness?  Salt?  What is our purpose? Jesus didn’t point out any one persons sin, neither should we.  He didn’t commiserate or negotiate.  Neither should we.

Followers of CHRIST have lost our way.  We strive to be accepted by society.  To blend.  To fit in.  We look like, talk like, walk like, dress like, drive like, parent like, and live like the world. 

At some point we have to stop, draw a line in the sand and dare the world to cross it.


The Voice Within

The Spirit

Romans 8:11 tells us that the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead resides in us. With this knowledge we must understand that a wise person should listen to their spirit. That small still voice that encourages, realigns, reveals and  confirms.


If we stop thinking so much and still our mind, we will “hear” the Holy Spirit within us encouraging us towards our gifting.  So many times we look around for others to edify and encourage us.  Unfortunately, others either don’t care or genuinely don’t know where our gifts lie.  In either case it’s dangerous because we could possibly be steered in the wrong direction or worse be discouraged.


Realignment happens when we’ve detour from our path.  The Holy Spirit will get your attention.  For some it’s a quiet prompting and very subtle.  For others it is a no-nonsense in your face moment that you can’t ignore.  So, don’t get upset about the ‘Closed Door’.  Stop!  Recognize it for what it is.  And Praise GOD!


This is a good one.  You have to love it when the Holy Spirit reveals things to you.  Because if you pay attention you become a very wise person.  Maya Angelou once said, “When people show you who they are believe them!”.   I truly believe that the person who listens to their Spirit is a “Spirit Seer”.  By that I means that you are able to see the spirit in others.  You know the right people to be in covenant with.  You know that man or woman is not for you.  You know not to take that job no matter how attractive it is.  You know that house is not right for you.  YOU JUST KNOW!  Just knowing is a beautiful thing.


This is the one that ‘Parking Lot Prophets’ hate.  You can’t walk up to me and tell me that The Lord told you to tell me anything.  Why?  I’m going to take what you tell me and run it by The Holy Ghost.  And if its not confirmed in my spirit…somebodies a lie!  (That’s not proper English, but you get what I’m saying.) The words you speak to me have to align with the Word I’ve been given.  And if that doesn’t happen then that’s when you smile politely and just walk away.

© 2012 – Angela Day (


Success or Failure

Most of us are afraid of failure.  And because we are afraid to fail, most will never succeed because success requires us to suppress the fear of possible failure and get up off our ‘Blessed Assurance’ and actually TRY!

KNOW THIS:  We learn the most from our failures.  Failure gives us the opportunity to refocus, refine and restructure.

DO THIS:  Close your eyes.  What would you do if you knew that you wouldn’t fail?  The one thing that has always lingered in the back of your mind.  The one thing that someone may have told you that you weren’t any good at.  The one thing that you see someone else doing and think maybe, just maybe you could do it too!

TODAY:  Get started RIGHT NOW!  Don’t make excuses.  Tell doubt to go to Hell!  Just do it!


I’m always struck by the similarities and stark differences of life when I watch shows like Biography, Unsung, etc.  These shows give you a backstage pass into the life of well-known singers, actors, politicians, and others.  No matter the level of success the person achieves what you will notice is that no two beginnings are exactly the same.

Some people are born with seemingly perfect lives, while others seem to be born with shovels, destined to start life out in a pit, struggling to dig themselves out to a level playing field.  But, the hard truth is that it’s not how we began, but how we finish.

No matter our beginnings, we are all born with gifts and talents, but not our dreams.  Our dreams are a product of our own making.  They become the great equalizer because we all have to follow the same Steps to Success, which are:


The basis of my pathway to success is Genesis 8:22.

Seed – Your gifts and talents, the Word of God and the Holy Ghost.

Focus – You have to buckle down and focus your attention on what you wish to achieve and don’t allow problems along the way to slow or stop the journey to success.

Time – Be realistic about how long you believe it should take, but don’t get sidetracked and discouraged.  This is when you should reassess and realign.

Collaboration- Don’t be afraid to reach out to other people.  Look for a mentor or an accountability partner.

Milestone – Celebrate your accomplishments along the way.

Harvest – Enjoy your success!

© 2012 – Angela Day (





New Book!

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The Valley

I got so caught up in my problems

They seem so big

They seem so unmoving

With every negative word I spoke, I was pulled down

With every unuttered prayer, deeper still

Until I’m standing in a valley surrounded by what looks to be unscalable mountains

No way out

Before me no path

Behind me no escape

I kneel, but nothing comes

I look up and can barely see the sky

I see a pin prick of light where the SON should be

It shines a tiny streak of light onto the valley floor


It’s just enough

I go and stand in that streak of light

That single ray from the SON warms my face

It’s enough to fill my heart with




Laughter bubbles up on the inside of me

I begin to turn in that tiny bit of light

I twirl and twirl


I began to dance

I dance away the pain

I dance away the fear and doubt

I dance out of that ray of SON


It begins to follow me as I dance

Around and around

I twirl

I leap

HE has filled me


I don’t even notice that I’ve danced the darkness out of that valley

I’m still in the valley


The valley isn’t in me

As I continue to dance

Flowers spring up with every step

Trees grow big and strong

They dance with me

Swaying to my rhythm

The mountains take notice and begin to move

To my rhythm everything moves

I can’t stop now

I open my eyes and see the transformed valley

Laughter comes from the depths of my soul

It rings out in the valley

I stop dancing long enough to look around

It’s filled with SON now









Ahead is a path

Created when the mountains began to dance with me

I resume my dancing




Right out of my valley

© 2010 Angela Day